Must Try Local Street Foods in Sanur

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Sanur offers array of cuisine that will make anyone salivates and always back for more. From fancy 5-courses meal to Instagram worthy brunch and ‘warung’ that would get you a taste of Indonesia. But did you know what will complete your Bali experience? Eat your way through the local street food, because it’s the experience you can’t get in no other place, and it’s cheap! So prepare your belly and have the small chance in hand because here’s our guide to the must try local street food in Sanur.

  1. Mak Beng

A Sanur institution for fish delicacy, where the menu only has a set of deep fried fish, fish head soup, rice and the Indonesia chili condiment or ‘sambal’. If you’re not used to spicy food, then be prepared for Mak Beng because she gained the popularity through her hot and spicy special sambal.

2. Lumpia

Lumpia or Indonesian version of spring rolls. They are usually sold by men around the Sanur beach in a wooden box along with deep-fried tofu and vegetables dumpling. When you order for these deep-fried goodness, the men will serve them on a folded brown waxy paper, drenched with peanut sauce on top and sprinkles of chopped chili. This is the perfect companion for that bottle of cold beer.

3. Jaja Bali

Even though these colorful dumplings are drizzled with palm sugar, they are best known as breakfast for the Balinese. They are made from rice flour, cassava, coconut milk, pandan leaves and sugar, before then boiled and steamed. The ‘dadong’ or grandmas who sell them will use their hand when serving Jaja Bali, a stuff you probably will only see in Indonesia.

4. Men Weti

(Image Credit : Instagram @nyokepo)

This nasi campur ayam or mixed chicken rice sold by a woman named Men Weti is an epitome of Balinese food. On a plate of this mixed rice you will find, of course, steamed hot rice with few different types of side dish like chicken, vegetables, egg, deep fried chicken skin, shredded chicken and sambal. Men Wati opened her little stall very early in the morning, so get here early because the rice usually sold out by 10 AM.

5. Ikan Bakar Serangan

Ikan Bakar is the Indonesian for grilled fish and Serangan is an area in Sanur where there are lots of small stalls selling seafood. Sanur is located by the beach, so you will get top quality fresh seafood here. The most favorite dish here is the grilled fish, but make sure you also order the grilled prawn or squid, and the stir fry veggies.

The Lunar New Year holiday weekend is coming this end of month and we hope this article would inspire your getaway.


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