Morning activity in Sanur

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A morning person or not, when staying in Sanur you wouldn’t want to spend your morning in bed. Sanur got one of the best sunrise view in Bali Island, where not just tourist, but also the locals would flock here early in the morning. From the fishermen who would prepare their boat in the dawn, local sellers opening their stalls, even the tourists lugging big professional camera trying to catch the sunrise. Here we crafted a list of what to-do in Sanur in the morning.

Catching the Sunrise

This might be in a top things to-do in Bali, as the sunrise in Sanur is spectacular. The sun would rise early in Bali, so make sure you are already found the best sunrise watching spot before 6. We recommend going to the Sanur Beach for the best spot.





Sanur has a vibrant cultural surrounding that’s different from any other part of Bali. Where the old Balinese tradition is side by side with modern development, overlooking gorgeous beaches and this makes a tremendous track to bike. The Akana Boutique Hotel provides bike for rent at the lobby and make sure you ask the staffs for a biking tip.







If biking is not your cup of tea and you prefer to jog, than Sanur is still the best choice. The best weather for jogging is around 5 to 7 AM, where it’s bright enough to actually immerse in the beautiful scene and cool enough to not get stifling hot at the end.





Get the best Instagram-worthy shot and do your downward-facing dog pose with overlooking the Sanur beach. For the Yoginis out there, who have to do yoga every morning, switch to a different scene by doing the yoga by the beach.




Breakfast Like a Local

The choices of breakfast food around Sanur is amazing, since Indonesians’ like to have full meal for breakfast. From bubuh Bali which is the Balinese version of porridge, nasi ayam Men Wati, to jaja Bali, the equivalent of dessert-for-breakfast of the Balinese. Click here for the complete local food guide around Sanur.






The Akana Boutique Hotel Pool

Take a dip in the Akana Boutique Hotel’s pool and just floating through the morning. It’s comfortable enough if you want to do real swimming exercise and just perfect for lazing in the pool. Here’s a tip, enjoy your breakfast by the pool for a full lavish experience.

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